It’s a new day for musicians.

It simply isn’t enough to sing a good song, you have to promote yourself too.

Musicians need things…

And I don’t just mean strings, reeds, sticks, instruments, cool outfits, amps, stompboxes, mics, stands, lights & smoke, roadies, and fans – we have to promote ourselves, establish our brands, exploit our copyrights, license our songs, write-record-package-and-manufacture product… a daunting list, for sure, but here we are. So when I borrowed that first computer and designed my first logo, flyer, poster, and postcard mailer – well, I knew I was on the right track. That first step on my yellow brick road was a tiny AppleTM computer.







That said…is your dream about to become a reality?

Are you finally going to produce that CD you’ve been talking about for years?


I’ve been focused on music for some time, and I’ve made lots of mistakes along the way, but I know that I did do one thing right: I learned about design and how to create my own print, video and web products for marketing and promotion – whether for a music-related project, a movie screen ad, or a corporate magazine cover.

Don’t miss a beat. You probably already need help with a design project. Whether you are a musician or not, contact us today.

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